Freedom From Addictions


Do you really want to be free from smoking?

Or any other addiction for that matter.  

If all your attempts have all come up short.  

If all your New Year’s resolutions have not worked.

If all your struggling has not met your satisfaction.  

Then try listening to this audio from a preacher who had a conversation with a guy who wanted to quit smoking.  Listen for how he developed the faith to believe he could become free.

Calling those things that be not as though they were  – Keith Moore 

Before you make any snap judgments or throw out the baby with the bathwater, just ask yourself this question = HAS MY WAY WORKED? 

He did not tell him to try to quit.

He did not tell him to throw away his cigarettes.

He simply asked him if he would just do what he told him to do = 

He told him to confess – out loud – 

 Every time he bought a pack ->  “I’ve been delivered from smoking!!”
 Every time he took out a cigarette ->  “I am free from nicotine!!”
 Every time he took a puff ->  “Thank you, Lord, I am delivered!!”
 Every time he put one out ->  “I am free from smoking!!”

The man did not understand it, but he took him at his word and did it.  One day, very soon as he was smoking – the power of God hit him and he had smoked his last cigarette ever!!  You see, God has already done the work for us!!  We just have to agree and believe and call it that way!

Listen closely for what he felt and what he was waiting for and what he was struggling with and when he no longer felt any cravings!! 

You may not understand it, and you may not believe it right now … but again ask yourself – HAS MY WAY WORKED?

What have you got to lose … but your ADDICTION?  

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PS. The best foundation for freedom and transformation is getting to know God.   You can begin that process right here – right now!

Let the weak say, “I am strong!” – Joel 3.10