For Youth Only

For Youth Only!!

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Today, more than ever before, the youth of this generation are losing their identity and blending in with the crowd.

They are simply becoming an ECHO of the world around them. This 45 day devotional will challenge students to live a counter-culture life for Christ and to become a VOICE to their generation. It will also encourage them to fall more in love with Jesus each day, becoming a bright light for Him in a very dark world.

Check out this AWESOME Youth Devotional by Pastor Chris Frith – Get your Copy Here

Answers to Tough Questions Teens Ask

Are you a teen and have questions about parents, self image, peer pressure, friends, dating, love, sex or abuse? Click here to read answers from Josh McDowell’s The Teenage Q&A Book, which answers over 230 of these questions – no question is off limits, and no answer is impossible! Find other Free Resources.

A relevant and informative Christian youth website by Youthworks that publishes daily articles, reviews and video content for teens.

Who is Fervr for?

13-18 year olds who are Christians or are interested in learning more about a Christian worldview. 

Aren’t there lots of Christian youth sites already?  

Yes and no. There are Christian youth sites out there but they’re a bit daggy. Meanwhile, the better sites we’ve seen are targeted towards older Christians and don’t always address topics directly related to youth culture.  Our aim is to be an easy-to-use site that’s representative of Biblical Christianity, plus a friendly online community that helps youth digest and discuss thought-provoking content with their peers and church leaders. 

Put Down your Phone and Look Up – be sure to watch to the end to see if he misses her …

A good reason not to text and drive. provides honest answers to the tough questions teens ask, and encourages them to be fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ by living out their faith in every part of their daily life. is a ministry of Christianity Today, a nonprofit, global media ministry that serves the church through digital and print publications, as well as practical and accessible Web resources that together reach more than 2.5 million people every month. We are committed to building up the church and those who lead it. 

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Outreach America 

Purpose Statement: To reach this generation of young people with the truth of Jesus Christ, and through them restore this nation to its Biblical heritage.

America needs revival…No, America needs a revolution.  A radical revolution.  A spiritual awakening.  A return to the uncompromised heritage and foundations of this great nation.  It is time for an “out of the box” approach to ministry that reaches the heart  and passion of this generation of  young people.  It is time for “real.”  A “real” relationship with a “real” Jesus.  A return to the excitement and adventure of following Jesus Christ, who “launched a movement that unleashed previously untapped potential in those who believed in Him.  He created an environment where His discples began to believe the impossible and soon found they were turning dreams into reality.  His became a movement of dreamers and visionaries called and compelled to dream of a better world” (Erwin Raphael McManus; Wide Awake).

We are Outreach America.  Founded in 1984 by Gary Newell in Greensboro, North Carolina, the ministry has shared this dream and vision with over a million young people on three continents.  The operations of Outreach America is made up of The Four C’s OF Ministry.  These include Camps, Challenge, Campus, and Countries.  From this platform, Outreach America delivers a message of Truth to the youth of the world.  We are Outreach America, and the revolution is now.

“Gary Newell has a passion to reach the youth of this nation with the truth…His powerful, no compromise message entertains, equips, and empowers all that hear it…I believe Outreach America is one of the most significant ministries to youth in America.”
JOSH McDOWELL – Lecturer & Author   

youth for christ logoYouth For Christ 

YFC Reaches young people everywhere, working together with the local church and other like-minded partners to raise up lifelong followers of Jesus who lead by their Godliness in Lifestyle, Devotion to the Word of God and Prayer, Passion for sharing the Love of Christ and Commitment to Social Involvement.

We are liberated by His forgiveness and we are propelled by His love; to invest, engage, confront, and proclaim as agents of mercy and ambassadors of truth.  We are stewards of His message and ministers of His grace on high school campuses and in juvenile halls… in wide open spaces and on congested street corners… with the outcast and the overwhelmed… to the transparent and the terrified.

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Who are we?
We’re twenty- and thirty-something Christians seeking God and striving to impact the world around us. We are people who want to live well—outwardly, creatively and intentionally. We are pro-Church and want to love our neighbors as ourselves. We serve the Creator, so we love great art—whether that be redemptive music, movies, books or design. We are daily seeking to show how God is at work in the world and in our generation.

We try to publish ideas that break stereotypes, challenge the status quo and spur a generation to know God more—and change the world while they’re at it. We want to engage our generation in a deeper conversation about faith, challenging worldviews and causing people to see God outside the box they’ve put Him in. Encountering God changes things.

We believe God is alive and speaking both inside and outside the four walls of the church. That’s why we cover life issues and culture next to social justice and spiritual growth—to look at the things relevant to our lives and world, and give voice to what God is doing in and through our generation. We believe a lot can be learned by looking more deeply at things that challenge you. But we also believe in the importance of the Church and want to be catalysts for change rather than part of the mass exodus of our generation leaving it.

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Mercy Multiplied 

Mercy Multiplied’s free-of-charge, voluntary, faith-based residential program serves young women from all socio-economic backgrounds, ages 13-28, who face a combination of life-controlling issues such as eating disorders, self-harm, drug and alcohol addictions, depression and unplanned pregnancy. Mercy also serves young women who have been physically and sexually abused, including victims of sex trafficking. Using proven methods, a holistic approach and professional counselors in a structured residential environment, Mercy has helped thousands of young women be restored to wholeness. Mercy’s goal is to help these young women find freedom from their issues and empower them to serve in their communities as productive citizens.

For help in these areas Right Now, you can download several free books from Mercy Multiplied – click here.

Terri logoTerri Savelle Foy 

Terri Savelle Foy Ministries is committed to reaching the next generation, especially young women. There is a battle raging against our youth and too many are suffering from the affects of poor choices and hurtful events. Terri has experienced first-hand God’s ability to transform her life of guilt and shame into one of purpose and vision. That’s why we invest faith-building resources in the lives of teen girls.

Request Prayer – Prayer Request help from Kenneth Copeland Ministries

Are you Hurting? – Audio/Video Resources for the Struggles of Life we all occasionally face.