Serving God

Two young boys talk in a field

Part of renewing your life involves serving. As you serve your fellow man you are serving God at the same time.

Serving can be done within your church and by sharing your faith in your community and your world.

Find a way to reach out beyond yourself. You will find far more fulfillment in renewing your life as you serve others.

Watch this Video Freedom to Flourish from The Institute for Faith, Work & Economics that discusses integrating your faith into your work.  

Does Your Work Matter to God? See how you can glorify God in your work.

Be a Missionary in Your Workplace – this is an awesome article on how you can serve God right where you currently are in your occupation!!

Everyone should get out of this country at some point in their lives.  Seeing how the rest of the world lives is truly an eye-opener!!

Short-term missions is a great way to both get out and see the rest of the world and to serve God at the same time. 

These are some organizations to look into for taking a short term mission trip.  These trips are not just for youth – as there is always a need for adults to go and help lead the teams.

Youth With a Mission

Teen Missions

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